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Mr Corbyn was pressed on his republican beliefs during the election campaign.In an interview with Jeremy Paxman on Channel 4 and Sky News, Mr Corbyn insisted he had no plans to try to remove the monarchy.Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were caught on camera sharing an awkward exchange as the State Opening of Parliament today.

Although the sound quality makes it difficult to hear the conversation, a lip reader revealed the pair's chit-chat.You will be able to chat with current students and staff who will answer your questions about the degree programme and the student experience here at Birmingham.Online chats are being held at the following times: You can login to the online chat ten minutes before the start time, by visiting: Login to the relevant chat session by clicking on the ‘user login’ button with your username and password (details below)*.At the Battle of Britain service at St Paul’s Cathedral in 2015 he was pictured standing silently with his hands clasped and holding his order of service as others around him sang God Save the Queen.Mr Corbyn later insisted he had not deliberately refused to sing the anthem but had been lost in reflection.

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