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If the red light and speed cams are doing their jobs to reduce violations, the number of tickets issued should drop within a few months of installation, which has been the case in Chicago.

As a result, revenue from the cams has been lower than projected.

For example, one North Side camera issued only a dozen tickets for rolling right turns over six months, and then put out 560 tickets for rolling rights within 12 days.

The city needs to be vigilant about ticket spikes in the future and immediately address problems that emerge. It was definitely a step in the right direction to remove cameras from those first 25 low-crash intersections.

The exam lasts three-and-a-half hours and consists of 175 questions.

That, Evans calculated, allows for about a minute to answer each question. “We all felt that getting the designation on our business cards and becoming certified was a career achievement.

Jay Evans, NBAA’s director of professional development and administrative director to the Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Governing Board, held no illusions about the CAM exam – perhaps one of the most rigorous certifications in the aviation industry.

But he took the challenge anyway, and is now one of three NBAA employees who have passed the test, along with NBAA Vice President, Operational Excellence & Professional Development Mike Nichols and Director of Technical Operations Eli Cotti. “The CAM governing board felt if we could bring staffers on board, it would not only help them, it would enhance membership participation.” The CAM program is aimed at anyone who manages or wants to manage any aspect of a business aviation operation.

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Emanuel proposed giving drivers a “Mulligan” on their first red light violation by allowing them to take an online safety course instead of paying the 0 fine.Fines should be treated as a way to deter lawbreaking, not as an end in themselves, so the city should not count on them to balance the budget. It’s a common misconception that the Emanuel shortened yellow light times in order to increase ticket revenue.That wasn’t the case, but the city did quietly change its policy to allow tickets to be issued after yellow phases that were a fraction of a second shorter than 3.0 seconds, to allow for minute electrical fluctuations.People who don’t prepare…their scores reflect that.There’s no guarantee you’ll pass.” To take the challenge, Evans, Nichols and Cotti formed a study group, thinking it was the best way to manage the volume of information that needed to be digested in preparation for the CAM exam.

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