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We then see Nancy getting out of bed wrapped in the blanket, joining the guy on the roof of their house.

She straddles him as he lies on his back, and we see her bare butt and a bit of her breasts as they have sex, the blanket falling down around her waist.

Nancy Trotter Landry lying naked on a bed on her side as a guy walks over to her and lays a blue blanket down on top of her.

Hannah then leans over and lesbian kisses her before the girls lay back in bed together.

Jessica Parker Kennedy topless as she kneels in front of a guy who is behind a screen and jerks him off with one hand until they are interrupted by another guy walking into the room.

Nancy Trotter Landry sitting naked on the edge of a bed as a guy approaches her with a frozen popsicle, which she sucks on suggestively.

She then lays back on the bed as the guy makes out with her and slides the popsicle down between her legs.

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