Cisco ios updating dns

Cisco IM&P now leverages CUCM licensing in 9.x, so no rehosting required for those servers, either. Your mileage may vary, don’t take my word for it, always have a good backup, and certainly don’t blow your voice servers up. -In the GUI of the License server, remove the CUCM or UNCX server instance from the License server.

Yes, I know the trepidation of deleting anything from a voice server – especially involving licensing, but it is strongly recommended to do so.

You can update your i OS to latest using i Tunes or on your i Phone wirelessly.

Enter “,” for Google’s DNS or “2.222,2.220” for Open DNS. Finally, you can utilize your functional Wi-Fi once again.

Last, but not least, my good twitter friend and awesome voice guru Ryan Huff pointed out to me this Answer File Generator tool which can be used to predict your new license mac so you can request a rehost in advance.

I decided that the 30 day grace period for UCCX would be enough for this project, but it’s fantastic to know that such a thing exists.

-Take note of the new license mac and request a rehost, provide licensing with the new and the old license macs. Unless you hit an issue like I did and the new license won’t load.

Then try another reboot of the pair, attempt license load once more with fingers more tightly crossed than before, and then proceed to happy dance.

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