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I learned of the secret services system, their agents, all evil cowards, their abuse of people, children, animals, they don’t care.

I learned of their mostly innocent targets (I estimate a minimum of 300-400 people every year in The Netherlands) eliminated = murdered to keep their sick system alive, recruit new agents, steal, create enemies, use people for (medical, scientific) experiments.

I was fortunate to be born intelligent, to have studied computer architecture, so I could understand what happened when I was gang stalked, monitored with very hitech equipment, and attacked with Directed Energy Weapons, like microwave weapons.

I also was fortunate to have dear friends and family supporting me in the beginning, when the attacks started, so I got some time to think about what was/is being done and how is was/is done.

Police cannot protect you, security services cannot protect you.

That is why these weapons must be banned, not tomorrow but NOW.

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For 3 years I had been thinking over and over again what is was I could have done to cause rage, such terror. I found other victims and a lot of disinformation of so-called victims. Most of them do not know why this started against them.

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Main reason is that May 2010 is my 10th year aniversary of 24/7 horrible crimes committed against me with the aim to murder me (mentally or physically, they don’t care). Me living my life and they wasting their miserable lives and never can return to being a normal human being.

To many people these attacks will look unreal and caused by my imagination. These attacks are the result of 10 years of resisting the every day increasing more horrible crimes of our national secret services. I am blocked, tortured mentally and tortured physically and often have a lot of mental and physical pain with the intention to murder me (slowly), but I still work, take care of my children, have dear friends and family, do my sports, play my guitar and sing, go to the beach, do my sports, have good times, laugh. They will all die a murderer, child abuser, a piece of shit.

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