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While Bora was preparing his attack, Natsu just looked at him calmy getting ready to eat his fire or just block it."TAKE THIS! Natsu was getting ready to block it until someone appeared infront of him..A portal opened in the sky above Harageon but it was not noticed by anyone even the Magic Council as an invisible barrier was covering it from being detected."Oh yeah I might as well be sent to death before I can even go to Fairy Tail!That seems like something from a manga or something."But let me give you a short introduction here of the world here"God said. For most magic is merely a tool, a mundane part of everyday life.I could've sworn I saw him excited to say talk about this but I might as well ignore it."In a land, far far away. For some however - magic is an art - and they've devoted their lives to its practice." I yelled as I was falling but quickly remembered I could air walk.

A guild that will no doubt continue to make legends well into the future. Anyways, I will be given you information of that world and I recommend you join Fairy Tail.

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It seems we will go down together Ichigo.."Yhwach said but his voice sounds lower and lower to Ichigo since both of them are dying."I don't have any regrets.If I do have one I guess it is I won't be able to continue protecting my friends and family.."Ichigo said feeling death getting ready to take Yhwach can say anything else he falled over flat frontly and Ichigos world go black.

Ichigo POV"Welcome Ichigo"A person greeted politely. He has white hair and Red Eyes on his right that seems weird and Purple Eyes with rings on them on his left (Yep if you guessed damn Sharingan and Rinnegan)"Where Am I?

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