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Citing research, she notes that regular family dinners have been shown to boost academic achievement in children, increase healthy eating, and improve psychological health.

Stories are shared on the Family Dinner Project website, like the one about Edward and Valerie, whose young adult children had developed the habit of eating in separate parts of the house.

Mauro now resides at an assisted living facility in Marietta, Georgia, and was ready to celebrate her 99th birthday in 2016.

When staffers there discovered her connection to Washington, they contacted him to invite him to her birthday party. John’s in Newark, New Jersey, also tends to the bodies of those in need.

She also said, “I want you to come see me every day.The couple came up with creative ways to get their kids excited about enjoying a meal as a family.They picked conversation topics about current events or subjects relating to their own lives.Today, Jose is a married father who volunteers with a prison ministry.He still appreciates what that stranger did for him, saying, “It was not about the money. That is why I will remember her forever.”In collecting true stories for her book Angels on Earth, Laura Schroff was surprised that some people she had known for years revealed parts of themselves she had never known about.

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