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law and helps criminals to kill law abiding Americans.

Thus, GCA ’68 marked a new approach to "gun control". Only dealers could ship firearms across state lines.

JPFO has hard evidence that shows that the Nazi Weapons Law (March 18, 1938) is the source of the U.

In "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny we present the official German text of the Nazi Weapons Law and a side-by-side translation into English.

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We found that the Nazis did not invent "gun control" in Germany.We believe that meeting members of the opposite sex is best achieved in a relaxed, natural, and enjoyable environment.We’ve developed a smart and interactive way to meet potential partners and or make new friends.Even more deadly: a side-by-side, section-by-section comparison of the GCA ’68 with the Nazi Weapons Law.Alternatively, if the culprit were not a member of Congress or a staffer, there would be testimony at the hearings to that effect.

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