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I was in pretty good shape, I was feeling good about myself. It’s a story set in the South during the Civil Rights era.During the first season they had a post-it on the wall that read, “Dermot cello.” So by the time the show was a success they roped me in. Due to the accident trauma, she gives birth prematurely, and her father secretly puts the baby boy up for adoption, allowing her to believe that her son died.Eleven years later, Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore) is living in a boys' orphanage outside New York City, where he meets Richard Jeffries (Terrence Howard), a social worker with Child and Family Services.Dermot Mulroney isn’t the type of actor you bombard with questions. I’d rather chalk it up to indifference and not have to go into the getting older bit at all. How about this: As you get older you realize it’s OK to not be interested in absolutely everything and accept your limitations. RELATED: Interivew: Lea Seydoux talks "Diary of a Chambermaid" and how clothing helps the performance As an actor I’m sure you’ve had the chance to at least learn how to do plenty of things, even if you didn’t continue with them. Then they explain to these guys that my character’s supposed to win. You’re also a cellist, which I didn’t realize this until I did some prep. I was a top cellist through high school and college. Even a really expert actor might not have practiced as much as a French horn player. RELATED: Interview: Lizzy Caplan is sick of the question "Are women funny?He likes to take it easy and let the chat go where it goes. I’ve been asked to do amazing things, like climbing. [Laughs] That was a pretty good way of winning that 100 meter hurdle race. Now I play on the occasional scoring session for these big blockbuster movies. And I’m sitting there with the best cellists, these award-winning brass players, and to get to work with them at my skill level, which is merely sufficient. [Laughs]And there you are, someone whose name is in opening credits of movies in which you acted. "You get to do both on “Mozart in the Jungle.” You popped up on the second season and are coming back for the third.Evan has the savant-like ability to hear music wherever he is, making him a bullying target for the older orphans.

On arriving at Lyla's apartment in Chicago, Louis talks to one of her neighbors, who mistakenly tells Louis she is on her honeymoon.

The police spot Arthur, but Evan draws their attention and runs; Wizard helps Evan evade the police, telling him never to reveal his real name to anyone.

Evan (now "August") takes refuge in a church where a young girl, Hope (Jamia Simone Nash), introduces him to the piano and written music.

Lyla abandons her father to his fate and heads to New York to look for her son.

Evan follows Arthur to his home in a condemned theater, and is taken in by Maxwell "Wizard" Wallace (Robin Williams), a vagrant, arrogant, abusive and aggressive musician who teaches homeless children music and employs them as street performers.

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