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At the rate it was going, his wife would find out about the affair without Megan saying a word. Right now, Megan Fox is the dominant party in this relationship. By the time we are done, she will do what you want and obey you in every way possible. Though Megan refused, she eventually agreed to meet him. She would allow him to pay for dinner, maybe even pretend to be receptive to the change in their agreement.

This will solve your blackmail problem and a lot more. In the end, however, she was only going to squeeze the proverbial ball sack harder, insisting on more money, even threatening to reveal the truth to Mrs. Megan put on her favorite outfit, a hot red cocktail dress.

The bigger it got, the harder it became to hide this expense from his family. Our service is not cheap, but results are guaranteed. Every single case is unique, but the end result is the same. She had Michael Bay right where she wanted him: begging. He asked her, then begged her, upon the initial refusal, to meet and renegotiate their financial arrangement.She was put into a stool, her bound hands encircling the back of the chair. After she was thoroughly secured, her mask was pulled off. Her eyes followed the blade as it traveled from one leg to another, lightly scraping across the beautiful black panties.It took Megan a moment to adjust to the light in the room. “Hello Megan” said Michael in a manner completely unfit for this rather odd scene. Using the other hand, Michael grabbed the panties, pulling them up roughly. But she still managed to give the director the evil eye. He then cut the strings of the still taut underwear, revealing Megan’s perfect shaved pussy. Megan Fox, now more than ever, was a sight to behold.Michael lowered the camera, giving the trussed up girl a disapproving look. “ Now, I will take a few pictures and you are going to look straight into the camera” he lectured her. ” Megan, nearly in tears, desperately shook her head. She continued to look at the camera, fearful of pissing off her captors. “Of course, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what would a movie be worth? Megan shook her head no, moaning pathetically in protest. Pinching a nipple with one hand, her captor attached the clips to each of Megan’s tit. Megan contorted her face, letting out a long painful moan. Megan was reduced to Mmmphing her now pathetic protests and pleas. For now we are just going make a little movie.” “MMMMMMFFFFFF” protested Megan loudly. He then turned around, walking right by the camera and pushing a button in an unceremonious fashion. A surge of energy shot through the poor girl’s body. She screamed at first, then moaned continuously and intensely. In fact, for the first few minutes she saw nothing but red. With her blood saturated with oxytocin, the intensity of the release was eventually diminished. The rest of the night became an endless cycle of orgasmic buildup and release.“It will be a lot easier on you if you cooperated, Mrs. We give you everything you want, all in hopes of getting sex. You will do what you are told, or you will be punished. “Oh yes, these will do nicely” Smiled Michael after the photo-shoot was completed. Next, her captor turned his attention to the girl’s nipples. “If you don’t move too much, you might get used to these” Michael said almost casually. Michael, apparently finished with the hardware stood next to the set up camera. I never expected you to be cooperative from the beginning. Michel walked up to the trussed up girl, gently brushing her chin and jaw with the back of his hand. The pleasure radiating from her pussy was intermingled with the pain shooting from her nipples. She did not know where pleasure ended and pain began. Megan tried putting her butt back down to lessen the intensity of the sensation. During the buildup, she would tremble due to the combination of anticipation and cold.

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