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The gun simulates cosmic collisions that will threaten astronauts traveling to Mars. These metal plates represent the walls of an unshielded spacecraft.The speed of the impact shattered the bullet, and its debris smashed ever-larger holes in the inner walls. Meteoroids have already knocked out or damaged numerous spacecraft, including the probe Mariner 4, which snapped the first close-up pictures of Mars in 1965. If astronauts are to survive a mission to Mars, we have to find a way to protect them from meteoroids. But it's a smartly designed shield, because what happens is the velocity is so fast—of these projectiles—when they impact, the speed breaks it apart, and then the rest of this target will absorb the impact.The first step, getting dressed for space, is to put on some undergarments. " At roughly 10,000,000 dollars, today's spacesuit is one of the most expensive garments in the entire solar system.And a lot of that expense goes into creating something you wouldn't expect: air pressure.This episode also profiles young female scientist and daredevil Vandi Verma, part of the team that drives the Mars rovers on the martian surface....looks into a revolutionary new idea to keep Mars explorers alive and kicking. All that and more, on this episode of NOVA science NOW.Here in the New Mexico desert, home to of all sorts of top-secret government projects, NASA has built one of the world's most powerful guns. In the vacuum of space, they move at deadly speeds.

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And you'd get to a certain spot, and then, essentially, turn to a goo, a mush, and then sort of vaporize. The cells in your body are filled with dissolved gases, like oxygen and nitrogen.This doesn't happen on Earth, because our planet's atmosphere and magnetic field protect us from the constant barrage of cosmic radiation.You go to Mars, you're raising your risk of cancer, lifelong. Now, of course, air is crucial for us to stay alive. Here on Earth, air provides something just as essential but much less obvious: pressure.But there are always innate risks to space travel, and there's no way to get around them. They can go without water and air for at least 10 days. It's the only animal that can survive the harsh conditions of space. Consider this: a column of air one inch across, stretching from the ground to the top of Earth's atmosphere, weighs about 15 pounds.And you just do your best to minimize those risks and control them where you can. That's something, that you actually are moving mankind forward. That's about the same weight as a small dog, or a watermelon.

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