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An aboriginal tribe known as the Kulin inhabited the area.

These inhabitants had dark brown skin rather than black.

Beggery Hill at Wedderburn, Victoria, would be among the most "thrashed" ground for detectors in Australia. Other large nuggets are being located with these coils almost daily, in ground that was considered, worked out.

Once a fabulously rich area for gold in the 1850's, now extensively used as a training ground. As a result of what we were hearing we set out to test these new coils, using the Minelab 2200D metal detector, in itself a proven success story.

Interest was intense and the promotion was well received.

At around 100 feet they reached the wash dirt of the old Ordovician bedrock, and many became incredibly rich. Ballarat was and now remains, a grand golden place.

With the news the gold fields were resurrected and this started one of the most intense gold rushes of all time. Civil servants abandoned their jobs, businesses were left unattended, and the police force deserted almost to a man. With the ground giving up such riches, it was no wonder that men deserted their meagre livings to search for the incredible riches being gathered here. ate in 1998, a tourist delegation from Singapore visited Bendigo. Particular interest was shown in the gold industry, and from this visit the seeds were sewn and an opportunity presented to promote Bendigo as part of the Australia Fair sponsored and supported by Singapore Airlines, at Suntec City, Singapore in March 1999.

Soil containing gold was shipped with the tank to Singapore to provide visitors with a unique opportunity to pan for gold.

The theme throughout Australia Fair was for that holiday with a difference.

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