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In this design, they took the greatest care to leave every trace of their past condition behind them; they imposed all kinds of restraints upon themselves in order to be different from their ancestry; they omitted nothing which could disguise them.I have always fancied that they were less successful in this enterprise than has been generally believed abroad, or even supposed at home.

The early ages of the monarchy, the Middle Ages, and the period of revival have been thoroughly studied; the labors of the authors who have chosen them for their theme have acquainted us not only with the events of history, but also with the laws, the customs, the spirit of the government and of the nation in those days.I have endeavored to make myself acquainted with all the public documents in which the French expressed their opinions and their views at the approach of the Revolution.I have derived much information on this head from the reports of the States, and, at a later period, from those of the Provincial Assemblies. In countries where the supreme power is predominant, very few ideas, or desires, or grievances can exist without coming before it in some shape or other.But of the manner in which public business was transacted, of the real working of institutions, of the true relative position of the various classes of society, of the condition and feelings of those classes which were neither heard nor seen, of the actual opinions and customs of the day, we have only confused and frequently erroneous notions.I have undertaken to grope into the heart of this old regime.

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