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Even if experts would have us believe otherwise, dating is not a numbers game.Making a true connection takes time, dedication, openness, social skills and perhaps a bit of luck, no matter how many statistics tell us where the best city to find a spouse is.There's no word on clock rates for the new parts, but that's not the only thing missing from these charts.You, astute TR reader, have no doubt already noticed that the most recent processor in the list is the R9 M485X's Tonga GPU.While these women arrive thinking the odds are in their favor, they eventually realize the local dating culture doesn't prioritize marriage as they had hoped."I think many men and women in the Bay Area have come to feel satisfied with 'friends with benefits' situations," Villarreal said, "and find this easier than putting in the necessary time and effort it takes to maintain a long term monogamous, committed relationship. While there tends to be adequate opportunity for 'dating' experiences, some women complain about how difficult it can be to shift from serial dating to settling down with someone in a committed relationship."Delaying marriage isn't a trend limited to Silicon Valley.Studies show that college-educated adults, which in 2012 spoke with said there are a lot of smart, successful men in San Jose, and it's not difficult to meet them.Despite being outnumbered by men who possess all the stereotypical "marriage material" qualifications, such as a college education and a job, women in San Jose told that due to the rise of dating apps and the skewed gender ratio, she feels like she's spoiled for choice, which makes her hesitant to settle down.

The rest of the new mobile R7 parts are more difficult to pin down with any certainty, but our best guess is that they are all yet more releases of the venerable Oland (aka Topaz) GPU, also a GCN 1.0 part. To our eyes, these look like even more Topaz rebadges, but going by the available specifications, there is little to set them apart.

Even more confusingly, the R5 M435 appears to be identical to the R7 M445, while the R5 M430 and M420 appear to be identical not only to each other, but to the R7 M440.

We can only assume that these parts will eventually be set apart by GPU core clock and final memory configuration.

Let's start with the R9-class parts in this lineup. The R9 M485X appears to be closely related to a previous high-end mobile Radeon, the R9 M390X.

That product used the GCN 1.2-based Amethyst GPU—a clock-limited Tonga—in its most-complete incarnation, and we expect the same for the new product.

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