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Both men will be eligible for £5,375 in prize money even if they lose - on top of their £35,000 winnings for the first round.Feliciano Lopez appeared in the doubles on Wednesday, despite retiring from his singles game the day before.He said unfit players should 'give up the spot' but suggested Wimbledon should adopt the Association of Tennis Professionals system whereby players who give up their place are still paid rather than miss out. Yeah, it's unfortunate that it happened like this.'He also joked with Djokovic that perhaps the pair should play a set to entertain the disappointed fans.

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Viewer Salma Ahmed said online: 'Still waiting for the highlights but seems I'm watching a chat show instead.'The show was revamped in 2015 with a live audience but the BBC returned to the traditional Today at Wimbledon format last year.

Viktor Troicki is also set to appear in the doubles competition after dropping out of his singles game.

The row started on Tuesday after Roger Federer said unfit players should give up their places amid suspicions that injured stars are turning up only to claim prize money.

It's great when you get to see the players but you expect them to play for longer.' Jeff Hughes, 58, who camped since 12pm on Sunday to pay £56 for a ticket, said last night: 'You do feel short changed and cheated in some respects.'Djokovic agreed a rule change might be needed to compensate unfit players if they gave up their spot.

And three-time champion John Mc Enroe said on BBC Sport: 'I do think when you saw Klizan he clearly wasn't ready or able to play from the very beginning.'They've got to figure out some kind of rule change where, I suggest, they give him half the first-round prize money and bring someone else in who is at least fit and can go out 110 per cent.

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