Top 10 online dating tips

Well here’s the good news for all you guys out there.

Attracting an amazing woman online isn’t even remotely as difficult as you might think once you understand online dating from the female point of view. But you both have a passion for David Lynch films and also have family in Sicily?

This is the first impression and possibly the only impression that you are going to make on a potential match, so make it a good one.9.

Pictures of pets and children Photos of cute pets and adorable children are fine for Facebook, but they’re not for an online dating profile.

The more you tell people about yourself, the greater your chance of finding a match, so fill in all the questions that they ask, it will improve your chances! Lying about yourself It’s tempting to create a whole new you on your online dating profile, but being truthful is a far better policy.

Even little white lies about your age or job, that don’t seem important at the time you write them, could come back to haunt you, if you do meet someone that you are really keen on.6.

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This is an absolute death sentence to your dating life.

People want to know more about you, not your family, so keep the photos to the ones of you.

You can introduce your seventeen cats to him later.10.

Most people won’t even click on a profile with no photo, so don’t be shy, upload, at least, one recent photo of yourself.2.

Being negative about yourselfe upbeat and humorous in all that you put into a profile. Being over the top suggestive You are only going to attract the wrong sort of attention, if you are publishing inappropriate pictures of yourself in your profile.

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