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Other amps, like the Laney Lionheart, can do a bit of both.The clean channel does a very good Fender/Vox pristine cleans kind of thing, while the drive channel sounds very much like an early Marshall Plexi, with creamy mids and a bit of compression.There are lots of different amps out there but let’s focus on the two classics,- Fender and Marshall.

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In this feature we’ll look at how to achieve that killer tone on different rigs.

For cutting lead tones, you either want to use mids boosted pedals, as we’ll look at below, or get an amp with more emphasis on the mid range.

A typical Marshall, like the old Plexi, JCM and even newer series like the DSL, has lots of mid range and compression.

One of the most frequently asked questions on this site is (something like) “how do I get my guitar to sound like David’s” or “how do I get that smooth sustain with my gear”.

You read tons of reviews and watch clips on You Tube but once you plug into your new pedal, it seems that it has mysteriously lost all its mojo on the way from the store to your home. Now, obviously, tone is a combination of many things and most importantly, your fingers, but a great tone and achieving that, is also about knowing what gear to use.

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