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The blacksmith will teach you all about his profession, talking about the tools and materials that are necessary, the relevant traditions and the everyday work of blacksmiths today.You can forge your own nail to test the difficulty of the work.The windmill processes wool with equipment that is 100 years old and is used to produce handmade blankets and pillows that are stuffed with sheep wool, as well as souvenirs that can be commissioned and purchased. A wool pulling and wrapping machine that dates back to the 19th century and was manufactured at the Šūberts Rudītis & Co company in the 19th century is still used, as are a unique weaving apparatus from Germany and a grain mill.Latvian cuisine: Marinated herring with vegetables, porridge, mashed potatoes a la Vidzeme (with fried onions), pancakes with jam made of Latvian berries and honey, homemade bread.Ceramics artists, stone carvers, wood carvers, weavers, macramé artists, barrel makers, leather processors, jewellery makers and instrument makers.Visitors can tour workshops, visit souvenir shops, do some of the crafts work themselves, and purchase finished products.Pieņem pasūtījumus un izgatavo arī pinumus pēc individuāliem pasūtījumiem.Darbnīcā var redzēt sena aroda - skalu grozu pīšanas procesu. The potter produces candelabras, dishes and whistles that you can buy at the workshop. You can work with your own clay and take the resulting product home with you as a souvenir.

Groups can enjoy a luncheon of Lettigalian dishes, and learn how to bake bread and prepare beverages in an old-fashioned Lettigalian kitchen.The craftsman will demonstrate his work with glass and stone, also allowing you to take part in creative activities. The blacksmith’s shop is found at the medieval Cēsis Castle.This is an organic farm, and visitors are invited to join in the fieldwork - gather hay, make sauerkraut, pull weeds, milk a goat, watch the geese, catch some fish and then smoke them in accordance with the farmer’s own recipe. There’s a sauna where you can inhale the aroma of healthy grasses and drink some medicinal teas.2015. You can examine, order and purchase reproductions of ancient jewellery, watch the craftsman at work, hear a very attractive story about the history of jewellery-making, and try your own hand at the craft.Apmeklētājus sagaida stāsti par mākslinieka dzīvi un daiļradi, audio un video ieraksti. stāvā vietu atradusi neliela radoša darbnīca (SIA "Rakstu raksti"), kur tiek izgatavoti tautas lietišķās mākslas izstrādājumi kā piem.tautas tērpi, lina izstrādājumi, aksesuāri, suvenīri u.c., šūti lina un citu dabīgo materiālu apģērbi un mājas tekstils, veidoti floristikas izstrādājumi.

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